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Your Visit


Plan on arriving at Advanced Center for Surgery one or two hours prior to your actual surgery time. This is because of necessary tasks such as registration, preparation, anesthesia, etc.


We recommend eating a light dinner and drinking fluids the evening before your surgery. Please do not consume milk products or food after midnight of the evening prior to your surgery date—this includes gum and mints. Additionally, we recommend that you do not smoke or consume alcohol for at least 48 hours prior to surgery.

Hygiene and Dress

  • Bathe or shower the night before surgery.
  • Nail polish, false fingernails, makeup, jewelry, and watches should not be worn the day of surgery.
  • Please wear comfortable, loose clothing, appropriate for the procedure being performed. Please bring walking shoes. You will need to undress and wear a gown during surgery.
  • Do not bring any valuables with you. You may wear dentures and glasses to the facility; however, it is recommended that you bring the case to place them in during surgery.


It is necessary to make arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you home and, ideally, to stay with you the first night following your surgery.